Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Power of Prayer of our little grandson, Jordan Stalls

This is a testimony of the power of prayer

Little Jordan’s expected date of arrival was to be around August 27th but unfortunately on Thursday, June 29, 2006 Sharon became aware that he had stopped moving. She arrived at Martin General Hospital around 5:00 pm & was told he was having problems so he was delivered by emergency C-section at 6:58 pm weighing 3 pounds, 6 ounces.

We were impressed with many of the staff at Martin General Hospital that afternoon. So many came to us during this time telling us they were praying for all of us.

Miracle #1:

We were told that if she had arrived at the hospital a couple of hours later, he would not have made it due to lack of oxygen from problems with his umbilical cord. (She got there in time! God was already at work!! First Miracle) He had several problems so he was taken to Pitt Memorial by East Care & admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. (Many began praying)

Miracle #2:

Two days later, (Saturday) the doctor called a meeting to give us his prognosis. Because intraventricular bleeding was suspected due to lack of oxygen, a head CT was done to see exactly what was going on. Some preemies have minor bleeding which is absorbed into the system with no problems. The CT had confirmed the presence of bleeding around and also into the ventricles which was not good. The doctor told us that he had seen this many times before & there was an 80% chance of major problems. We felt as though we were dreaming & wondered why this was happening. We were devastated, but continued to pray for his total healing & also for help to accept his will. God was with us & was carrying us through this. We could feel His presence.

On Sunday, Little Jordan was having seizures (which we were told that preemies sometime have these anyway but in his situation he needed more tests). Because of this, they did an MRI which would confirm where the damage was & would also give them additional information about things that the CT did not show.

On Tuesday, the doctor called another meeting. He said he had some better news. The MRI showed no dead brain cells & it was not as bad as he thought (Second miracle). The doctor was really surprised. According to the CT done initially, other things were supposed to have shown up on the MRI that weren’t there at all!. Praise God! Our tears of hurt turned to tears of joy! Now we had hope!! We figured the Great Physician, Dr. Jesus, was at work during the “seizure” healing Little Jordan. (Still praying!)

Miracle #3

Now Little Jordan had his ups and downs with other treatable problems such as blood sugar, jaundice, and maintaining his body temperature, but they could be corrected.
He was also given plasma & platelets. They could not use his veins for an IV initially so he had to have a PIC line inserted. Having a premature baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is like a roller coaster. There will be many ups and downs.

Things were looking up but we still prayed. They tell us Little Jordan is a fighter. He always does better than expected. He started to breathe on his own very quickly and was off of all oxygen earlier than other babies his age. He has a very strong heart and very strong lungs. He was a healthy little boy but had an accident with his umbilical cord which interfered with his oxygen & caused other problems.

On July 18th, an ultrasound was done of his head to check for fluid. Many premature babies develop this problem, but it is usually resolved when the body absorbs it back into the system. However, if there are any bleeding problems, it cannot drain & has to be removed. We were told this causes many problems also & had to be removed. Now he was having another “problem”. The doctor said they would have to put a little tube called a reservoir in to remove the excess fluid which would be a surgical procedure with risks. This fluid would be drained daily with a fine needle. He also said he would probably get a shunt later so that is could drain when he leaves the hospital. (Still praying)

On July 26th Little Jordan was taken to the OR for his surgical procedure. He came through it very well with no complications & was also taken off of the ventilator in the recovery room. They said it usually it goes with them into their room. There again, Little Jordan did better than expected.

Well, now listen to this! They drained the reservoir at the time of surgery. They also drained it 2 more times. As of today, August 6th, it has only been drained a total of 3 times within 11 days! Little Jordan has done better than expected again!! They anticipated drawing it everyday. Now they say there is no excess fluid because everything is working well & draining like it should. So it looks like now he will not have a shunt inserted! (Another praise & 3rd miracle)

Now Little Jordan is feeding from the bottle & growing. He now weighs almost 5 pounds. They say he will keep the reservoir in, in case they have to draw fluid again, but we are not expecting it to happen. His doctor said that he does not know the outcome of Little Jordan because he has amazed him at everything. We know that it was prayer & still is prayer that has caused all of these miracles to happen to our Little Jordan. He is truly a gift from God. Our God is an awesome God and we praise Him every day for his blessings on Little Jordan. We don’t know 100% what is down the road for Little Jordan, but we feel confident that God is in control and he will be just fine. He has had so many prayers lifted up for him from so many places. Little Jordan has definitely changed our lives spiritually forever & we shall never forget this. He will always be our miracle child & we are praising God every day for this. We take so much for granted. God is good. God is always good. He has carried us through the hard times & the good times. He has definitely carried us all through this & He will carry us forward.

Don’t forget the power of PRAYER! We can’t make it without it.

Update: Jordan will be 5 years old in June and & is a walking, talking miracle! He is a constant reminder of the power or prayer.

We are also blessed with 2 other grandsons, Joshua & Jacob ages 6 & 8. As of May 22, 2011, Jordan has a new little baby sister, Sadie. He is so excited about "his Sadie".

We take so much for granted & count our blessings every day for healthly children!

Now, we are blessed with 3 grandsons & 1 grandaughter!!!